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Rewind time by five years, and González would have been uncertain of the win. But now, his comprehension was on a completely different level.


Battuta had not chosen a tank mech but instead a normal warrior mech. A senior mechanic, as the name implied, may have distinguished performance in a certain position, but they could also undertake any other position, and they would also be relatively clear on the mecha.


Yan Xiaosu smiled slightly. Laurel’s card had been played beautifully. This was also the first time that Laurel had shown her true powers in front of him. He would not slight these soft introductions – after all, weren’t they all bosses of big companies? But a close listen yielded details and secrets that ordinary people would not be privy to.


Jondi Lilick could not help but sigh. The composure of the Atlanteans has decided the final outcome. If they had used their numerical advantage to suppress Wang Zheng, then Wang Zheng would definitely have gone all out and fought it out with them, and he could have very certainly created a miracle. However, the Atlanteans had chosen to adopt a depletion tactic, slowly dragging Wang Zheng into the abyss of defeat!


The Five Elements Forge was the second research direction which he supervised. It was mainly used to classify and evaluate Ability X quality.


Matt Locatelli could not deal with this sort of confrontation. Furthermore, he could neither make contact with the streaming lights nor the energy shield wall on the ground. The moment he blocked them, he would be killed by Lin Feng.

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This courage was like going against the gods, but no one was surprised. There was nothing this person named Wang Zheng would not dare to do, if he dared to utter derogatory words in the presence of Kashawen.


The effects of the energy blasts were slowly receding. Dina Atlas finally sighed a breath of relief. Mankind always seemed to have some amazing methods. However, those were only reactive responses. As long as he controlled the situation, Wang Zheng could only be the subject of suppression.


When different classes and tiers watched the same battle, their understanding was very different. González had seen a few of Wang Zheng’s key battles, and seen his physical technique from his mecha fights. Wang Zheng’s attack style was very straightforward. His spinning shovel spoke of excellent wrist strength. The elbow techniques were his main aggressive move, and were polished and inflicted heavy damage. But he had very little moves. And the military trained killing techniques endlessly, which were the fastest methods.


The Overlord started his attack. Consolidation of spiritual defence and application of physical attacks were the only tactics required to battle against the Atlanteans. This was an established tactic amongst the different countries.


The Aslan royal family had always insisted on leading by example. Although there might be some playboys or wastrels in the royal family, such individuals would be removed from the royal family and have their royal status stripped. This is what made the Aslan royal family powerful.


The entire arena was already silent. Although everyone knew that there was a difference between the members and the captain this was not just different!


This was not a force that could be blocked by any light force. This was in an entirely different realm. Wang Zheng knew that Achilles had evolved. This was metamorphosis!



Wang Zheng acted slower by half a beat, but his hands did not hesitate. His body spinning, his titanium blade swept out. An arc of golden light flew out.



Lin Feng’s battle team and Aslan’s trump card. Although the Radiance battle team was strong, it felt like they would still be unable to stop the Sword Shield Rose Rider battle team’s advancement. The Sword Shield Rose Rider battle team had a success rate of ninety percent.


Montero stood up and gave a salute. They were, after all, in Aslan, outside their country. The Arbiters had been controlling their killer instincts. Yet someone had dared to pull the tigers tooth. This Arbiter team would no longer be under control.


Inside the palace, Kashawen had specially made time and invited Aina to watch this all-important battle together. The two, who held the highest power in Aslan, did not speak. However, it was obvious that Kashawen was more relaxed. She did not need to be present at the arena for such a match. However, this was a good opportunity to inhibit and educate Aina.

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