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In reality, Lou Fei felt conflicted internally. He began hiding his strength out of laziness. He knew that Lear’s demands were very high. The faster his growth, the higher his demands. But the power went a little out of control and grew too fast. Luo Fei did not know what Lear would think. Since he was also lazy, he continued to hide. It had now become a burden. Luo Fei was at a loss on what to do. He was not very good at this.


Mu Zhen raised his sword with both his hands. There was a look of determination in his eyes. The Titans would never doubt, they only knew to charge forward!


Mu Zhen charged forward like lightning. The Big Sword struck towards Ander Lucia. This real body of the Silver Titan had unleashed Mu Zhens innate power, gaining strength that was comparable to that of an Earth-rank two warrior. Hopefully, it could open a window of hope for Saruman Snake.


The third match of the quarter-finals had been the most passionate and most cruel since the start of the competition. Saruman Snake had advanced to the semi-finals.


When Luo Fei saw that there were so many people, his mind stiffened up. This was f**king a far cry from what he was used to. How could there be so many people, densely packed like ants?


The two mecha moved towards the centre, both adjusting their state. The information Hu Ya had received was plentiful to the point of bursting. His frost affinity seemed fearless towards the opponent’s teleportation. Four sets of displacement, in addition to the translocation box, that was five displacements. But distance only brings about opportunities, and he could strangle off the opportunities.

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Essentially, Lear hoped that Luo Fei would contribute a little, but Luo Fei had actually wussed out. As the general, he had to draw out his own rules in order to please everyone, and Luo Fei was weak.


Just like what happened in IG years ago, by the time they faced the Arbiters after battling with Atlantis, they were already like an arrow at the end of its flight – spent force.


After a short moment of silence, the whole arena erupted in cheers. In contrast to the dejected Aslan citizens, those that supported Saruman Snake were crazily celebrating. Back on the Moon, Achilles victory brought countless people to tears. The people of the Moon had waited for far too long they have desired such a perfect victory, a matchs victory that fits the standard of beauty of the people of the Moon. Who knew how many talents from the Moon had been lost. And today, Achilles had finally stood out. In this moment, Achilles won over all of the people of the Moon.


The fundamental five affinities Ability X was seen as weak, but at Earth-rank, they were strong. If one could master hybrid abilities, then it would be switching a bird rifle for a cannon. In a straight up fight, such a person was extremely terrifying.


Kashawen’s smile still held a hint of exasperation. She liked Aina’s fighting spirit. She was a future queen. Rebelliousness was the first step, and a good sign. But she still needed to be honed. She had poor taste. Many thought that Wang Zheng was an elite fighter. Even if he was not the strongest, he was one of them. But that was just because they had yet to see stronger.


The final winner would still be the Prime Minister, regardless of whether Wang Zheng persisted or admitted defeat. She had been winning for all these years.


Dina Atlas was not hurt in the least The earlier attacks and blasts had not hit him at all. He had entered the Space Refuge at the most crucial time.



On Tita Star, in the five main cities, Titans and humans lived together. Gazing upon Wang Zhen on the screen, to the Titans, he was their god. As long as Wang Zheng gave the command, the Titans were willing to do anything for him!



As a flame user, high level flames could easily suppress low level ones. Eve Litt was indeed unable to use Flames of the Blazing Angel, but the azure flames she possessed were limitless, while Lie Xin how long could she last?


Apart from Zhang Shan, there was also Achilles. Where had the pride of the Sun God gone to? When did the once prideful Achilles become Wang Zhengs lackey?


As a mighty empire, any talk of glory would be naught if they could not even protect their own princess.

  • “I heard that the women from Mars are very liberal. According to rumours, so long as the men and women are interested in each other, they could just do it in an alley…” said Ouyang Ruoliu.
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